This is an important initiative by the artist and curator L.Christeseva who opens up new horizons offering her canvas as a stage for discovering talents and achieving success.


L.Christeseva’s artistic brand is responsible and engaged. This artistic message represents an effective way to address the world’s social and environmental challenges. L.Christeseva’s personal beliefs and values coincided with an increasing demand from contemporary consumers. Recognised as a creative solution for CSR programs, L.Christeseva creates art and initiates curatorial projects widely engaging consumers. Together, we build strong brands and honest statements. 

Swedish Fika art experience methodology:

The unique methodology is a self-exploration and personal development filled with confession, sincerity, spirituality, and also inspiration.

The process begins with Swedish fika or wine tasting. Together, we wonder if our favourite wine or cake can be expressed in poetry and colors – what would it look like?! In an inclusive and creative way, we start exploring and interpreting the habitual and the familiar with the aid of artistic methods. Colors, music, poetry and other art forms merge. In an artistic environment, we can relax and leave worries behind, finding yourself in the presence and coloring concerns away. The methodology is inclusive without rules, restrictions or special talents. By engaging  imagination and freedom, we open ourselves up for new acquaintances with ourselves.

Swedish Fika with taste of empowerment:

My canvas is your stage is informed by the pandemic when artists did not have the possibility to share their artistic research with the public. Challenged by a new reality, the need for new art forms and perspectives arose, inspiring the artist and curator L.Christeseva to launch a unique co-production methodology in the fall of 2021. With support from the City of Stockholm, L.Christeseva produced a series of immersive “Swedish Fika” events where thousands of Swedes could participate and explore Swedish Fika with aid of artistic methods.

Today, the result is a 35 meters long canvases, a collection of toiles-dresses, photos, videos, memories, and experiences. Several performance artists were invited to participate in the project and introduce their artistic research including Astrid Wildner Wybert, Eva Nedlich, Zana Messia, Nefeli Oikonomou, Paola Bruna, and Yaneisy Baez Acea.

Flavored with sisterhood and empowerment, in the long run, Swedish Fika is the ultimate strategy offering professional opportunities and visibility for female artists both in Sweden and abroad.