Minimum 3 participants for maximum Fun!

Afterwork at Artten Gallery

Ever wondered how poetry and colors could breathe life into everyday things? At Artten Gallery, we embark on an inclusive and creative journey, exploring and interpreting the familiar using artistic methods. Colors, music, poetry, and other art forms blend harmoniously to create a captivating tapestry of expression. Join us on this extraordinary artistic adventure!

Meaningful art

Join our inclusive Swedish Fika art experience, where we create meaningful art together. Paint, spill, dance, and sing to transform life and work challenges into cherished memories with friends and colleagues. Capture these moments on canvas, infusing your home with meaningful memories beyond mere art. The workshop takes 1.5 hours, and all materials are included. No special skills needed. Embrace creativity and make lasting connections through art.

You are what you eat

After the 1.5-hour painting workshop at Artten Gallery, you will undoubtedly want to celebrate your outstanding co-production result. Enjoy delightful meals like borsch, herring under the coat, and dessert prepared by Ukrainian refugees and make a positive social impact through your dining experience. Let creativity fuse with your appetite in a meaningful manner.