Once we spilled, danced, and sang – when did we stop doing that?! Let’s start discovering our talents over again. Swedish Fika is a unique methodology for self-exploration and personal development.

I can’t paint.

The unique methodology is a self-exploration and personal development. You contribute with confession, sincerity, and spirituality to the process.

The event begins with wine tasting or Swedish fika and together, we wonder if our favourite wine can be expressed in poetry and colors – what would it look like?! In an inclusive and creative way, we start exploring and interpreting the habitual and the familiar with the aid of artistic methods. Colors, music, poetry and other art forms merge.

I feel depressed. Is it a way to relax?

In an artistic environment, we can relax and leave worries behind, finding yourself in the presence and coloring concerns away. The methodology is inclusive without rules, restrictions or special talents. By engaging imagination and freedom, we open ourselves up for new acquaintances with ourselves.

What is the result?

Together, we will look for birds and flowers, bugs and fish in the abstract acrylic narration of drops, stripes, and symbols which we will spill and create during a joint painting workshop. Just like small children, we will eagerly follow lines until they stop, and drops of paint until they melt into the canvas. Beyond exploring a naïve and sincere universe full of animals, leaves, and flowers, all of which we belong, we also might discover our hidden talents and meet new friends.

I don’t like Fika.

Flavored with creativity, our Swedish Fika is a quality time with your friends and colleagues. During this time, we will share beautiful memories and experiences.

What to wear?

You are welcome to wear any comfortable clothes, otherwize we will provide you with a comfy and safe costume for the event.

Where do we meet?

We meet at the gallery Artten, Artillerigatan 10.